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My Story

You’ve probably never heard of me—although, “filmmaker” sounds hefty enough to make someone wonder. “Videomaker” is more accurate, but carries a faintly salacious sent.

So, what exactly do I do?

  • Direct, shoot, and film edit

  • Write: copy, content, narration, screenplays

  • Conduct on-camera interviews

  • Aerial cinematography and photography (FAA licensed)

  • Tell your story

I’m a distributed filmmaker with a background in film editing, and over 100 hours of on-camera interviewing.

The features I’ve been creatively involved with have all garnered distribution, including a documentary I produced and directed about a community of societal dropouts squatting on an abandoned Marine base. The latter taught me how to escort people through on-camera interviews and create powerful soundbites.

My career started in Los Angeles, editing a documentary feature for Oscar nominated, Emmy and Tony winning producer, Aaron Russo. That lead to writing and producing promos for the WB shows Veronica Mars and Everwood.

I’ve straddled the advertising and independent film world, telling stories for a variety of clients: EA Sports, V-Tech Phones, Tommy Hilfiger, along with a crew's worth of independent filmmakers.

I love finding the hook of a story and launching it into action—it’s my specialty, but service comes first.


Helping manifest your vision is the most important thing on my creative agenda. I have a blast doing it, and own everything we need to make an explosive impact.

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