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I didn't want to be a writer. Then, I did. Now I love it. It's something I've always had a knack for but didn't fully dive into until 2015 when I started writing content. Since then I've branched out to writing copy, as well as documentary narration.

documentary narration

The Ultimate Charity

Emmy winning producer/director Matthew JC captured the bizarrely humane rise of the Dallas Roughnecks—and the charity behind the team. I was fortunate help edit and write this remarkable adventure.


EZ Street News

When EZ Street has something they want their sales force to know, they tell me—and I tell them.

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video narration

Field Fresh Foods Plant Tour

Take a look inside one of California's largest produce distributors and manufacturers.

SEO content

Content Bacon

90% of my work for Content Bacon was written just below this vantage point, powered by the Sun, immersed in the sweet smell of pine and constant melody of gushing melt water. 

I wrote on a diverse spectrum of topics from 2015 to 2019. Sadly, many of these articles have lost their address to the quest to be evergreen—all that remain are my submission documents.

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